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Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)

Leaders: Mills Botham
Anna Janke

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Security is the process of stowing our equipment and locking up the Club for the evening. Security can start 30 minutes before Lake Rescue and Safety closes, and fifteen minutes before Outdoor UW closes. This event is created so that the start time aligns with those margins. All paid (part and full time) instructors are required to do 5 nights worth of security per year. Security should take about an hour to complete. You will be paid for the time you are there. Click here for the security checklist form. This form should be completed by the instructor performing security each night. Reach out to the Head of Instruction with any questions or notes.

Once an instructor has signed up for a security event, the evening is their responsibility, and if they become unavailable they are expected to find someone to replace them. On Tuesday, May 17th, any unfilled nights of security will be assigned randomly to any instructors who have not already selected and signed up for their five nights. 

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