Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 (1:30 pm - 3:30 pm)

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Leaders: Lily Mass
Kailey Felch

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Howdy folks its that time of year again... BLT TIME!!!!


The HOC Instruction Chairs are starting a new cohort (BLT-004) of the HOC Basic Leader Training program that you have heard so much (or so little) about! We appreciate your interest in wanting to be a part of this program within the Outing Club. This RecHub post should have everything you need to know about this program going forward. If you have questions, please let us know.



Fill out this super short info form if you decide this is something you’d like to participate in.

(Here is the link if that didn't work : )

  1. Canvas

    1. We will add you to a Canvas page that contains the curriculum/program by Monday November 22nd when the program starts. This is where all of the actual facets of the program will take place. We tried to keep it simple; the curriculum is divided into 6 sections and each one has its own Module. Please look at the "Instructions" Module before you begin.

      1. If for some reason you can't access the Canvas page by 11/22 (didn't get an email, can't see it in your courses), let us know ASAP and we will figure out how to get you in.

  2. Goals

    1. The goals of this program are to get all of you oriented as new leaders in Hoofer Outing Club and capable of leading basic trips, like day hikes and overnight camping. This won’t get you prepared to lead a whitewater canoeing trip or a backpacking trip out west, but it’s the first step towards getting there, and every leader needs to do it.

  3. Workload

    1. This might seem like some big program or a lot of work to you; don't worry, we didn't design it that way. It won't be nearly as much work as one of your academic courses. 

      1. We are spreading the work out over almost three weeks, and honestly this is something you could complete in 4-5 hours if you really wanted to.

        1. We are asking you to generally try to complete 1 Module every 2 days: average times to complete each Module are around 30 minutes.

  4. Live Sessions

    1. After you all have completed the Canvas portion of this program, we will hold ONE virtual session that you will need to attend to finish the BLT.

      1. These live sessions will be a bi weekly occurence in the spring of 2022, but for this fall I am planning on having one on 12/11. The should be around an hour and a half, but could be a bit longer than that. After this part of the program, you are done!

        • This date also may change as the month continues. We will keep you updated!

      2. The purpose of this session is to go over a few topics that are easiest to teach in-person, or in this case, synchronously virtually.

      3. If you can’t make it to this session, you can still participate in this program, but you will have to complete a live session later on to fully complete the BLT. If we have a lot of interest for this cohort, we may have to cap numbers and give priority to those who can make our live session.

  5. Feedback

    1. There are several opportunities for feedback, and we would appreciate any feedback at any time during this program

      1. For urgent matters, or just quick fixes, feel free to just email me:


      2. If you have feedback about curriculum changes or general improvements to the flow of the program:

        1. Write them down so you can remember for the feedback session at the end of the course.

        2. OR, enter them into this Intermittent Feedback Form right away if you think you might forget.

      3. In the virtual synchronous session, there will be more opportunities for you to give us feedback.

  6. Facebook group chat

    1. We may create a Facebook group chat so that you can talk amongst each other and to Lily and I in an easy manner, if this is something y’all are interested in.


So, for you TO DO:

  • Fill out this Google Form if interested, and sign up for this RecHub event.

  • Wait to be added to the Canvas page; once you are added, start working on the Modules; try to stick to the attached schedule

    • Pay attention while you work through it, and please give us feedback whenever you find the opportunity

Really, if you have any suggestions/ideas/improvements at all, we are open to anything. NO question is a dumb question. The BLT is a project we've been working on for 3 years now, and you can help us to make this program more accessible and more effective while you experience it and learn through it, thereby cementing the BLT program as the backbone of HOC leadership for years to come!


If at any time you think that you can no longer stay involved with this, let us know. We would love it if everyone could complete the program as we tried to make it reasonable, but we understand if other obligations become too much.

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