Webinar: Anti-Racism in the Outdoors

Thursday, Sep 30, 2021 (11:30 am - 1:00 pm)

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Leader: Caroline Rose

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Hello Hoofer Outing Club, and welcome new members! 

I want to make you aware of this upcoming webinar: “Voices of National Leadership in Anti-Racism in the Outdoors” 


Two of the webinar’s organizers are here at UW Madison! 


James Edward Mills is a journalist and an instructor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. His work can be found at The Joy Trip Project (https://joytripproject.com/), and he teaches a UW Madison class called “Outdoors for All.” 


Christopher Kilgour is in the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). You can hear about Christopher Kilgour and his organization Color in the Outdoors here: https://madison365.com/black-oxygen-christopher-kilgour/  


Register for the Zoom webinar through the “Register” button here: https://nelson.wisc.edu/events/everyones-earth-voices-national-leadership-anti-racism-outdoors/ 

(No need to sign up on this event)



Everyone should also know that there is a DEI-focused Hoofer group called Hoofer Ambassadors: https://www.hoofers.org/about-hoofer-ambassadors 


Personally, I consider it my responsibility as a trip leader to seek out ways to make my trips more inclusive, and I hope that everyone else, trip leader or participant, does so as well. 

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