Mountain Biking Leader Training Trip

Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 (5:00 pm - 7:30 pm)

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Leader: Joe Foye

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I will be leading a mountain bike leader training trip to Quarry Park on Thursday.


In this lesson, we will go over all of the skill required to lead a local Hoofers Mountain Biking trip including but not limited to setting up and sizing bikes to participants, basic bike maintenance, teaching beginner skills, what trails to ride, and safety.

If you have interest in becoming a mountain biking leader for Hoofers, please sign up for the waitlist and send me a quick email ( with you biking experience and why you want to be a Hoofer biking leader. If this time does not work out for you, please email me anyway and I will try to work out more times for training trips.

Perks of being a mountain biking leader include access to Hoofer bikes, teaching others to ride, and meeting tons of other cool people to shred with.


What you should bring:

At least 1.5L of water (aka 2 water bottles)Snacks and possible a small lunch (for some extra calories on the ride)Something to carry these items!Clothing (Long socks, athletic shirt and shorts, light gloves if you have them, shoes with a flat bottom and strong sole/toe protection work best)If you have your own bike, let me know so I can open the trip to more participants



Meet at the boathouse at the time indicated (right next to the Mendota Lounge where we have our weekly meetings)Shred trails for 2-3 hoursReturn by the time indicated 


Covid Policy

We will be outside and spread out the entire timeBring a mask for the short period of time where we will be grabbing bikes and putting them away in the boathouseDon't come if you feel unwell.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me! (


Happy Trails,


-Joe Foye

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