Hoofer Trailer Training

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020 (12:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

In Progress / Completed
Leader: David Elsmo

Event Information

If you anticipate using a FLEET/DOA VEHICLE to tow a Hoofer owned trailer at any point this fall or winter, then attend this class to get your trailer towing certification! This would include towing a sailboat for lift-out, towing the horse trailer, towing the alpine ski trailer or possibly towing the outing club canoe trailer. Please note that if there someone that cannot make this class, there will be other training offered in the future, however we do not have those dates/times available. FLEET AUTHORIZATION WITH WISCONSIN HOOFERS IS REQUIRED. If you are fleet authorized with another UW department, you must submit paperwork with our office as well to become fleet authorized with Hoofers. There is no cost for the class.
There will be an Online Portion of the class hosted through Zoom (link will be distributed prior to class) starting at 12:00pm. We will then adjourn and meet at Lot 60 (Willows Beach Boat Launch) to do a practical examination. Dress to be outdoors, masks will be expected at all times. Do not travel in vehicles together unless you share a living quarters. 
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Lesson / Training (ratings may be achieved)
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Safety plan information to be shared with attendees:
Only one individual will be allowed in the vehicle at a time and will wear a mask. Anybody exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness will not attend the in-person portion of the course until they can provide proof they are COVID negative.
Sanitation plan for any equipment used during the event:
The vehicle controls will be wiped with sanitizing wipes between each driver.


There are 3 people in this event, with 12 spots remaining.