Galley Revamp Brainstorm Meeting

Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019 (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

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Come to the Hoofer Leader Lounge on Tuesday 12/3 4-5 pm (tomorrow) to discuss how we can improve the Galley! Anyone from any club and with any type of knowledge is welcome. If you're a new or veteran club member, if you're studying design or food, if you've been involved with Basecamp: please come give your input! We'd love to improve this food space so it can be as helpful as possible for all who use it. 

We'll discuss:

-how everyone uses the Galley right now

-what works well in the Galley right now

-what could be improved in the short term

-what could be improved in the long term

-applying for funding in the spring and what that would go towards


Let me know if there are any specific ideas you have already or topics you'd like to bring up at this meeting. Let's come up with an exciting revamp plan!

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