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Beginner Friendly Mountain Biking Trip

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 (1:00 pm - 3:30 pm)

Leader: Leon Maurer

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I'll be leading a beginner friendly mountain biking trip to the Seminole trails (and/or Quarry Ridge --- depending on participant skill level). We'll be leaving from the union, riding to Seminole (about half an hour away), doing some laps at Seminole, and then biking back to the union.

I'll be providing instruction for new riders. You just need to come with the skills and fitness needed to ride a bike on pavement for ~15 miles and the desire to try riding a bike on something that looks like a hiking trail. Here's a video of the more difficult trail at Seminole so that you have some idea what to expect (note that all the jumps are all optional and all obstacles can be walked).

You should also bring some water (either in a bottle or a camelback) and appropriate clothing --- check the weather and bring layers so that you can adjust as needed. Feel free to bring snacks if you'd like.

Meet at the boathouse (next to Mendota lodge --- where the club holds meetings) at 1 pm.

If the event is full, sign up for the waitlist because spots may become available.

Message me if you'll be bringing your own bike.

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