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BLT Live Session

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 (3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

Leaders: Caroline Hess
Kailey Felch

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Anyone has the ability to lead with the right training!! Interested in leading trips or organizing events in the club?  Here are the steps!


  1. The Canvas Course!  Email and ask to be added to a self-paced leadership training course as a great first step! You can take all the time you need, but this MUST be completed before you attend the live session!

  2. Finished the Canvas course? Attend a Live Session Training! (THAT IS WHAT THIS POSTING IS FOR) ***email if you can’t attend the live either live session times! 

  3. Finished your live session and the canvas course?  Be a Leader In Training on a backpacking or paddle trip!!  You can do this by reaching out to current leaders in the club that are taking trips out, OR you can plan to attend the LIT backpacking trip for the fall that will be led by Kailey Felch (

  4. Pick a place, plan a trip, and lead!

You MUST have completed the Canvas Course to ATTEND the Live Session.  You do NOT need to have completed the Canvas Course to SIGN UP for the Live Session. (sign-up if you plan on attending and just make sure you complete the Canvas Course before then)

Location:  Mendota Lodge (subject to change)


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