Intro to Anchor Building (rain or shine)

Friday, Apr 30, 2021 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

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Leader: Elizabeth Epp

Event Information


This introduction to Anchors clinic will be an on the "ground" simulation to cover some basic information. (NOT at a crag)  We will be indoors at my Barn with plenty of space to physically distance and practice techniques.  (**Allergen notice - There are cats, dogs, horses, hay and dust**)  

This clinic will NOT provide you with all information and experience needed to get an anchors rating.  It is an excellent preparation for a new climber to learn knots, meet other climbers, discuss crag etiquette before attending an outdoor anchor setting clinic.  

This clinic will cover:

The basic knots (figure 8, figure 8 on a bite, bowline, water, girth hitch, overhand, over hand on a bite, clove hitch, barrel knot, double fisherman's)   

Uses strengths (and weaknesses) of soft gear 


Different ways to set up soft gear and equalizing a 3 point anchor

Slinging natural objects

General Crag Safety Discussion                         

Event Type
Educational Event (passive learning, no rating)
Accommodation Information
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Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Information
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Driving or Travel Details
Travel is on your own. Farm is located 16 miles south of campus near Basco, WI (In Dane County). There is a Gravel/dirt State Bike (Badger State trail) path that connects to the Madison Bike trails, it intersects the county road ~1.5 miles from the farm. There is a possible opportunity for a fleet Van if a participant is qualified/passed fleet training to drive, and is willing to pick Van up, drive 2 others and return the van. Email if you are willing to take on this responsibility.
Equipment/ Gear Required by Participant
(not set)
Food and Equipment Information
Bring your own: Face mask - Required Water bottle - There is potable water on site but not a drinking fountain. No Food in Barn please If you have your own harness, helmet, personal anchor, belay device please bring it Club Harnesses and helmets can be reserved by contacting the gear managers Club will provide all ropes and anchor equipment. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
Safety plan information to be shared with attendees:
Face masks covering nose, mouth and chin will be required at all times. Green Badger Badge is required (Note cell phone reception is poor in the building please load screen outside before entering. ) Practice stations will be set 6-8' apart and each station will have hand sanitizer. When demonstrating, instructor will have participants in a spaced semi circle. Each participant must bring their own water bottle. Food is not allowed at this clinic. If for any reasons you think you will need a snack during the clinic we will take a break mid way through and you can sanitize your hands, go to your vehicle eat and come back.
Sanitation plan for any equipment used during the event:
Soft climbing gear is weakened by most sanitizing products, as such each pair of participants will receive a "Kit" that they will use and not share with other pairs. participants will be asked to sanitize hands as they arrive, between each station (~every 15-20 min), and at the end everyone will be reminded to sanitize hands as they leave. If instructor sees participant touch face/mask the will be asked to sanitize hands. Gear will sit unused for at least 48 hrs prior to and post clinic.
Trip Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Information
If this Clinic is canceled participants will be notified not later than 12pm the day of the event. A new registration email will be sent out to all club members once a new clinic date is identified. It is free so no refund will be needed.
Trip Purpose/Goals
Improve participants rope handling and knot tying. Introduce skills that participants can build upon at future educational clinics.


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