Kara Canny lesson 12/20/20

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 (11:50 pm - 11:59 pm)

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December Lesson 2020
Leader: Qiaochu Yang

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For lesson 12/20/2020

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There is a 10 MPH speed limit down the driveway. PLEASE abide by this - if you are running late, it only takes 2 minutes to go down the driveway. We want to make sure animals and people are safe. If something happens and you are unable to make your lesson, it is your responsibility to notify myself, your coach, and your driver/drivee. Communication is key! Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about anything. It’s better to clarify than do something wrong, especially with the added safety concern of COVID.
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COVID PROTOCOL Masks are required at all times (while in cars, while fetching horses, while tacking up, etc.) unless you are on a horse while outdoors. If the weather is cold, we will be inside, and the indoor arena qualifies as an indoor space. Masks will therefore be required while riding in the indoor. Social distancing is expected and required at all times. While in cars, please stay as far apart as possible. Be transparent with your driver about ANY symptoms, and please do not come to your lesson if you have any COVID symptoms or have been exposed to COVID. We need to put safety first. Please touch as little as possible when out at the barn. Only touch the crossties, door handles, halter/leadrope, grooming tools, and tack of your assigned horse. Please disinfect your hands before touching halters, grooming tools, and tack. Hand sanitizer can be found on the cart outside of the feed room. Only one person allowed within tack rooms at a time, as it is a smaller space. Please do not enter the feed room. We have community tools, which can be found by the muck buckets on the right side of the barn door by the outdoor. Please do not use any mucking tools outside of these. All communal surfaces are disinfected every evening, including door handles, stall latches, and community tools. Two horses per aisle are allowed in crossties to allow for adequate social distancing. The portapotty is usable if needed, but please notify Andi if it is used so it can be disinfected.
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