Wilderness First Aid Scenario Practice

Sunday, Mar 1, 2020 (8:30 am - 12:00 pm)

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Leader: Jacob Ng

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For those who are Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified, come meet up to practice your skills. Even if you're not a Hoofer member, we'd still love to have you join. Here’s the agenda.

  • At 8:30 am, meet in the Rathskeller of the Memorial Union (if you feel like it) - chat, eat breakfast, have coffee, get to know ya kind of thing. 

  • When people wrap up eating (~9:00 am), move down to the Mendota Lodge or the North Chartroom.

  • Practice scenarios until Noon (12pm)

If keen, please sign up. This should be a good opportunity to refresh your first aid before Spring break. 

We’ll have the club first aid kits to practice with, but feel free to bring your own kit to practice with the tools you’d actually be using. Also bring a backpack, extra clothes, sleeping pad, notepad, and other things you might have on trail. We’ll use these for some improv work.

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Educational Event


There are 4 people in this event, with 16 spots remaining.