Chattanooga Spring Break Trip!

Friday, Mar 13, 2020 - 9:00 am through Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 - 9:00 am

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Leaders: Regan Murray
Jillian Griffis

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Welcome to Hoofer Mountaineering Spring Break 2020!

Come on the best road trip ever! We will be headin' down south to get in a week full of sandstone sends. We'll be boudlering, toproping, and lead climbing across various crags in Tennessee (see Mountain Project). Additionally, we'll be staying in a luxurious bungalow, eating family dinners, and CHILLIN'! 

Requirements for Sign Up:


The total cost for the trip paid to the club will be $125, which covers the rental car and lodging. Here is the cost breakdown:

  • $55.00 for the rental car
  • $70.00 for the rental home

Additionally, we will be splitting gas 7 ways. You will need to bring money for food and whatever else you plan on spendin' coin on (restaurants, swag, etc.).


We will be staying at a private bungalow in downtown Chattanooga. This will have all of the amenities of your home here in Madison (showers!!). However, there are only three bedrooms so prepare for a roomie.


We will be taking an enterprise rental van. You are required to get your fleet certification to help carry some of the burden of driving.


If everyone is interested, we can save some money by coordinating group groceries! We will be eating at home (or at a restaurant) for breakfast and dinner every day, however we will be packing lunches. Downtown Chattanooga has tons of cool restaurants, so that is always an option as well.


Gear is on your own. If you want to check out club gear, contact the gear managers. You'll be responsible for its transportation there and back, as well as its care while in Red Rocks. There will be an email with a detailed list of required gear.

Climbing Areas: 

This will be determined as a group at the pre-trip meeting, so start looking at Mountain Project! How much time we want to spend bouldering vs sport climbing is completely up to us. The beauty of this being a road trip is we have plenty of flexibility in crags.

Weather, and In Case of Rain: 

Expect to spend the day in the shade with temps in the mid-60s. Night time temps will be in the mid-40s, however we will be staying in the house. In case of rain, we can enjoy one of Chattanooga's local indoor offerings... like a climbing gym!

Medical Information: 

All of our climbing destinations are within two hours of downtown Chattanooga, and therefore two hours from a hospital. Most areas we climb at will be within one hour away, so there are ample hospitals in the area. It is a good idea to see which hospitals are compatible with your insurance ahead of time in case of an accident.

Leave no trace:

The Hoofer Mountaineering Club abides by the policies of Leave No Trace on every official trip. Always pack out what you brought with you that day, keep on the marked trails only, and be respectful of wildlife and other people. 

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