Red Rock Canyon Spring Break Trip!

Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 - 9:00 am through Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 - 9:00 am

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Elena Dai
Josh Lukas
Haley Gibbs
Claire Martin
Regan Murray
Jillian Griffis

Event Information


Welcome to Hoofer Mountaineering Spring Break 2020!

We are going to Red Rock National Conservation area in Nevada, about a half hour’s drive from Las Vegas! Red Rock Canyon is one of the best climbing areas in the United States, featuring world-class climbs of all disciplines (see Mountain Project). The club will be arranging a campsite, rental cars, and a cookout for one night of the trip. Additionally, as a group we will coordinate camping and climbing gear, climbing areas, etc. Come join us for a week of climbing, campfires, and fun! Signing up for this trip guarantees you a spot at the campsite.

Requirements for Sign Up:


The cost will be calculated after we've received participant travel plans. The cost will cover the campsite and rental vehicles. Last year, the cost breakdown was = $12(number of days) + $20. These numbers will change this year depending on travel plans, number of participants, etc.


The group campsite is located at the Red Rocks campgrounds, and is reserved Saturday 3/14- Sunday 3/22. The campsite has a restroom, campfire ring, pump for fresh water, picnic tables, and a large tarped area. We will be the only people staying at the site.


Getting There:

On your own. Many people fly, and others will drive out in a group in cars. A lot of these plans will materialize via spreadsheet and Facebook after signups, but you should get your flight as soon as you find a good deal, or start talking to a group if you’re driving. As soon as your arrangements are made, please fill out this spreadsheet with your information.

While There:

As this is an official Hoofers trip, the club gets a discount on Enterprise vehicles. If you are coming on this trip and have a driver's license, you are required to get fleet certified. We will be basing the quantity and cost of rental cars on the spreadsheet, but for reference last year the price per day for rental cars was $12.

Food and Water: 

Food is on your own. The nearest grocery store is ~20 minutes away (next to the nearest gas station) with all the essentials and useful things like firewood and charcoal (there is both a fire ring and a grill at the campsites). Make sure to bring at least one plate/bowl and utensils. A sharp knife (ie: pocket knife or kitchen knife) is useful for cutting things. Sponge and soap are also always a good call. 

We're camping on park land, so there's no kitchen available. Similar to other climbing trips you might have taken (ie: Red River Gorge), most cooking will take place over a portable camp stove. The club also has a double burner stove which can be brought out, and stoves can be rented from OUW. If you're bringing a stove, you'll need pots/pans too. If you're planning on borrowing someone's stove (ask around on the FB group), it's always nice to chip in for fuel and help with cleanup. 

There is running water at the site. There is no running water in the park near the climbing, so make sure you fill up on water before you leave camp each morning. You'll want capacity for at least 2L of water, but 3L is better. It's a desert and it can get really hot and sunny!


Gear is on your own. If you want to check out club gear, contact the gear managers. You'll be responsible for its transportation there and back, as well as its care while in Red Rocks. The club will pay for a checked bag for some group gear. You will not be allowed to use or check out any club gear for which you don't have the proper rating. The club won't be bringing out any personal gear such as helmets, harnesses, shoes, belay devices, etc. but you can check those out while still in Madison. A helmet and personal anchor are required.

Bathroom Facilities/Sanitation: 

There are pit toilets near the campsite. Bring your own hand sanitizer, towel, soap, etc. as none of that will be available. Running water is available on site via pump. It can be used to wash your hands, face, etc. There are no showers.

Climbing Areas: 

First pullout, second pullout, and Calico Basin are the most popular. The approach is relatively easy and straightforward and there is a large variety of bouldering, single pitch sport, and trad in these places. There are also some sport/trad multi-pitches too. More multipitch (mostly trad) is available off the beaten path and into the canyons, though approaches are often much more physically demanding and require more trail finding. See the Mountain Project page linked above.

Weather, and In Case of Rain: 

Weather is usually mild and can get windy, especially at night. As it's a desert, temperatures fluctuate a lot. Short sleeve shirts and maybe even shorts are good for hot afternoons. Sweatshirts are good for chilly nights. A rain coat and a puffy are good things to bring just in case. Bring sunglasses. Put rocks in your tent so that it doesn't blow away when you're not at camp. 

In case of rain, we can't climb at RR for risk of damaging the rock: sandstone is very soft and becomes easily breakable when wet. If it lightly rains, we may have to take a day off of climbing. There is also a sharp limestone cliff within an hour that can be climbed on in the rain. If it heavily rains and climbing at RR becomes impossible, Moab and Joshua Tree are alternative destinations and are only about a 4 hour drive away. Either way, we'll find a way to climb... or play top golf.

Medical Information: 

There are Park Rangers in the park, but there is no closer opportunity for medical attention until Vegas. Thus, if you need to visit a doctor or drug store, you'll have to make the 30 min drive into Vegas. Despite this, 30 mins is relatively close and medical attention is fairly accessible from the park/campsite. In cases of emergency, ambulances and helicopters can access the park. Be sure to pack any allergy or other personal medicine you anticipate needing.

Charging your phone:

There are no outlets at the campsite. Bring car chargers and portable battery packs. The best way to conserve battery is to keep your phone on airplane mode or off unless necessary. Bringing a phone with your group while climbing is a good idea in case of emergency, but cell reception can be spotty.

Park info:

There is a cost to enter Red Rocks Conservation Area, and the line to get in to the scenic loop can be long if you wait until too late in the day. Kraft Boulders is outside of the park and does not have a fee associated with it. You must be out of the park by park closing.  This means off the rock well in advance.  Do not Summit Fever your way to the top of a climb.

Leave no trace:

The Hoofer Mountaineering Club abides by the policies of Leave No Trace on every official trip. Always pack out what you brought with you that day, keep on the marked trails only, and be respectful of wildlife and other people. Some areas in Red Rocks are closed off because of archeologic paintings and drawings– DO NOT CLIMB ON ROCKS THAT ARE CLEARLY MARKED OFF LIMITS. 

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