Irish Wilderness, MO Backpacking Leader Training Trip

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020 - 9:00 am through Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 - 9:00 am

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Irish Wilderness Backpacking Trip
Leaders: Mason Muerhoff
Adam Remus
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BP2, BP2+, BP3, BP4

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Learn about backcountry camping and wilderness leadership skills while working towards your BPL3/4 rating!

This Leader Training Trip will be taking interested Outing club Leaders In Training, who are commited to leading backpacking trips in the future, deep into the heart of the Ozarks in Missouri -- in the Irish Wilderness of the Mark Twain National Forest.

Over the course of 19.6 miles of trail hiking and 4 nights of backcountry camping, recieve instruction on basic backpacking, camping and leadership skills that will prepare you to lead others into the outdoors. Enjoy the company of other outdoor enthusiasts in a beautiful natural environment outside the realm of cell service or internet connectivity on this five-day excursion. 

Trip and Route Information: Click here to view the topographic map of our hiking route with campsites and distances

  Wednesday: March 18 Thursday: March 19 Friday: March 20 Saturday: March 21 Sunday: March 22
DRIVING Drive from Memorial Union for 8.5 hours to trailhead x x x Drive 8.5 hrs from trailhead to Memorial Union

3 miles;

Trailhead to IW-03  

6 miles;

IW-03 to IW-05

6 miles;

IW-05 to IW-07

5 miles;

IW-07 to Trailhead

MEALS Road lunch; Dinner at trailhead Trailhead breakfast, trail lunch, dinner at camp Campsite breakfast, trail lunch, dinner at camp Campsite breakfast, trail lunch, dinner at camp Campsite breakfast, road lunch and dinner
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