Kubi's Klassik Bouldering Competition

Saturday, Feb 15, 2020 (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

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Kubi's Klassik Comp (Non Hoofer Mtn Member)
Kubi's Klassik Comp (Hoofer Mtn Member)
Leader: Ashley Cofrin

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Join the Hoofer Mountaineering Climbing Team at UW-Madison for our second annual fundraising competition ‘Kubi’s Klassik’! This bouldering competition will feature 7 mini competitions and is designed to be inclusive for climbers of all experience and skill levels. Registration will cost $20 for non-members (Hoofer Mountaineering) and $15 for Hoofer Mountaineering Members.  Registration includes a t-shirt, dinner, participation, and a raffle ticket. We hope to see you for a day full of awesome climbs, yummy food, and great people!

Competition categories:
1) Highest send/attempts ratio
2) Fastest minicave topout
3) Least moves to finish a problem
4) Most calories burned in one minute on the rower
5) Most attempts
6) Longest lockoff
7) Fastest one arm travers

Participants will have to agree to a Hoofer Mountaineering waiver and the Summit Strength and Fitness waiver here: https://trainclimbsummit.com/waiver/

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Social Event
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There are 27 people in this event, with 23 spots remaining.