Sea Kayak - Learn & Journey Together on Lake Michigan - Sunday November 10

Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 (7:00 am - 8:00 pm)

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Leader: Michael Hammer
Required ratings:
SK1, SK2, SK2P, SK3

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Because of the forecast, we will likely opt to paddle on Lake Mendota instead. Wet suits, synthetic layers, and paddling jackets would be required.


Sea Kayak Learn & Journey Together on Lake Michigan - Sunday November 10

I am planning a one-day leader training day trip on Lake Michigan on Sunday November 10. Depending on conditions, this would be either a Sea Level 1 trip (including SK1 paddlers) or a Sea Level 2 trip (excluding SK1 paddlers).

Maximum group size would be 10 so that there is a high ratio of leaders to paddlers. 


*For a Sea Level 1 trip (including SK1 paddlers), we would be looking for conditions with no greater than 1-2 foot waves, and wind less than 10-12 miles per hour.

*For a Sea Level 2 trip (excluding SK1 paddlers), we would be looking for conditions with no greater than 3 foot waves, and wind less than 18 miles per hour.

The goal is two-fold.

(a) PADDLING EXPERIENCE: For a group of SK2 & SK2p paddlers (and a few skilled SK1 paddlers if conditions permit) to gain more experience paddling in waves on Lake Michigan.

(b) OPPORTUNITY FOR LEADER DEVELOPMENT & PROMOTION: For a few of our sea kayak leaders to develop paddling and leadership skills in assessing and managing a group. This trip also sets the stage for leadership training I will be planning for the next paddling season.

Tentative Float Plan (Weather Permitting): On land and within the protection of the South Shore Break Wall, we would start with simple skills assessment and review of skills and rescue practice for the group, a bit of navigation prior to and during the journey, lunch at our destination, and a few "spontaneous" rescue scenarios along the way.

Tentative Itinerary for the Day (We would load boat & gear the day or so before.)

A. Morning (Depart from Madison at 7:30am): Gather at South Shore Yacht Club. Launch onto the water around 10:00am. Focus on skills review/assessment, rescue practice, and basic navigation within the break wall at South Shore.

B. Mid-Morning: If weather permits, paddle approximately three miles north from South Shore Yacht Club to the Lake Shore State Park.

C. Mid-Day/Afternoon: We would eat lunch at Lake Shore State Park, then paddle approximately three miles back to South Shore to conclude our trip.

D. Late Afternoon/Evening: Debrief over dinner in Milwaukee before heading back to Madison. Return to the Memorial Union Boathouse by 8:00pm to unload boats.

Boats/Gear: Most of the needed boats and gear can be made available through the club. Wetsuits (club) with synthetic underlayers (your own), paddling jacket (club), helmet (club), and other essential club paddling gear of pfd, paddle, spray skirt are required.

Personal Gear: Synthetic under-layers (no cotton), paddling gloves/pogies, thermal or wool stocking cap. Warm synthetic layers to change into.

Water/Lunch/Snacks: 1-2 liters of water, full lunch in a dry bag, snacks for along the way.

Let's journey together on one of our home-state Great Lakes!

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