Red River Gorge Weekend Trip!

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 - 12:00 pm through Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 - 8:00 pm

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Red River Gorge Weekend Trip!
Leader: Ashley Cofrin
Required ratings:
General Lead, Top Rope

Event Information


Description This trip is for people who have their sport rating to have a weekend of climbing and pizza eating to start off their fall season!


Summary Join us for a weekend trip to the Climbing Mecca of this side of the Mississippi! We'll be leaving from the Memorial Union circle Thursday at Noon for our 9.5 hour drive and returning there Sunday night. The cost of the trip is $55 which provides us with a vehicle; all gas, food, and camping is not included in this fee. We will arrive Thursday night, climb all day Friday and Saturday, then head back on Sunday! Most of the climbing there is sport, but there is trad and bouldering to be found if you are allergic to sport.


Hard Details We will be heading down with 4 open spots. If you pay for one of these spots, there will be no refunds but you can switch out your spot with another person if you can no longer attend. We will be camping at Miguels Pizza(!!!!) which is $3/person/night. Bring your own tent or hammock or find a buddy with an open spot! You will also need to bring your own food for the weekend, there is also pizza and burritos at our camping spot for lunch and dinner if you're into that. You will also need to fill out the climbing waivers (links at bottom), and become fleet certified. And of course, download some rockin' tunes for the car ride.


Packing List

* Helmet, Harness, Rock Climbing shoes, Chalk, Personal Anchor, 2 Locking Carabiners, Belay Device

* Headlamp, Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad

* Sun Protection

* Insect repellent

* Other personal items (Toothbrush!!)

* Clothes - Bring layers and check weather 

* Hiking Shoes

* Rain jacket

* Food (breakfasts, dinners, and crag food)

* Water Bottle

* A few dollars for Miguel goodies/ showers

Remember to fill out the Muir Valley waiver

PMRP waiver

Fleet Certification





Event Type
Social Event


There are 2 people in this event, with 2 spots remaining.