Racing 420"s Crew sign-up

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019 (5:00 pm - 6:45 pm)

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Leader: Greg Stroupe

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Looks like a blue flag day, so unless you are heavy rated sign up as crew. There will be no test-outs for a heavy rating during this event! The race director will launch early to set or move marks. Please get your boat on the water after you have helped as many other racers as possible get theirĀ boats ready. The Laser and Byte racers may need a hand. Help them launch before you head out, please. If we all work together we can get everyone on the racecourse together. Please stay near the starting gate! We have racers sailing WAY too far away from the starting gate to hear the prerace start! Look at the number signed up before you come down so you can know who is headed out and how many to watch for when helping. Also, last-minute drop-ins are discouraged as matching up racers to boats is much trickier than sloop racing. Commit in advance! Occasionally someone is left behind, there is little I can do about this. We have rotated racers from the t-dock before, so it is possible but don't count on it. All boats MUST be inside the mooring field by 6:45 pm to be checked in by the race director. Don't be late! Watch for an early stop to racing mid-race to return in time. Be aware! I need six skippers to take six crew, so watch for skipper sign-ups. Commit early is the best strategy.

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Lesson / Training


There are 4 people in this event, with 2 spots remaining.