Experienced Beginner Whitewater Weekend!

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 - 5:00 pm through Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 - 9:00 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Edward Bilek
Bryan Wathen
Required ratings:
R2, R2 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R2-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R2-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R2p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3, R3-C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R3-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3p, R3p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3p-OC1 (Open Canoe-Solo), R3p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4, R4 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4p, R4p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem)

Event Information


Join Ted and Bryan for a weekend of running whitewater rapids in the northwoods of Wisconsin!

This trip will be geared towards whitewater kayak paddlers with an R2 or above rating wishing to improve their paddling skills. We will spend a lot of time working rapids by eddy hopping our way down, surfing as many waves as we can, and maybe even spinning on a few rocks.

If you are a kayak paddler with an R1 rating wishing to join us please email Bryan (bawathen@wisc.edu).  If there is sufficient interest in a more beginner trip we will change our plans and I will open it up to those with an R1 rating.

Our plan:

-Meet at the Union Friday evening ~5pm to load gear and leave Madison.

-Camp at either Bearpaw camp ground or Hooferland Friday and Saturday night

-Paddle beautiful whitewater rivers Saturday and Sunday

-Return to Madison Sunday evening ~8-10pm


~$15-20 for group meals

~$20 for fuel

~$0-10 for camping

~$10-15 for dinner on the way up on Friday and back on Sunday

$40-60 Total

We will determine a more precise cost once we know how many will be attending.


What you need to bring:

Synthetic under layers

Water shoes that will not come off when swimming

Water bottle/s (at least 1 liter, ideally 2)

Dry cloths

Rain jacket



Shoes that can get muddy


Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad (optional)


Camp chair (optional)


Bug net



Camping plate and/or bowl

Eating utensils

Hygiene stuff (ie tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, etc..)


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There are 5 people in this event, with 3 spots remaining.

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