HOC Weekend of Instruction

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 - 3:00 pm through Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 - 5:00 pm

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Leaders: Evan Fernandez
Emma Johnson

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Hi everybody! We are going to be putting on a Weekend of Instruction event for the Hoofer Outing Club where members can come participate in paddling lessons, earn ratings, and learn new skills!!!! This event is very beneficial to new and old paddlers and HOC itself! We'll be having A TON of lessons for all of our boats, so if you are a newer member looking for any of the basic paddling ratings to go on some water-based trips, this is the event for YOU!


The plan is to do it the weekend of Friday June 21 - Sunday June 23.


Here are the lessons/ratings that you will be able to participate in:

+Swim Tests (required for all paddlers)

+Kayak Lake Lessons (first step for all kayaking)

+SK0 (Sea Kayak)

+SK1 (Sea Kayak)

+Canoe Lake Lessons (first step for all canoeing)

+And possibly a short moving water R1 canoe trip (opportunity to become a paddling leader in the club)

If you need any of the above ratings or want to refresh your skills, please sign up for this event so we can gauge interest!


Once lessons are done, we could play some paddling games, or we might even head out to picnic point for a celebratory bonfire!


For any instructors/leaders who are interested in leading lessons for this event:

We will be sending out a concrete schedule of lessons for leaders to sign up for, and once we have the right amount leaders for a lesson, it will get added to the official schedule for the weekend. This should hopefully be done within a week, so lookout for some emails from us about that.


This event is completely free for members! There will be free lunches each day!


Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

Evan Fernandez & Emma Johnson

Event Type
Lesson / Training


There are 16 people in this event, with 34 spots remaining.