Canoe Lake Lesson

Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 (12:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

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Leaders: Carl Zimm
Joyce Hessefort

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Carl and I would like to teach a Canoe Lake lesson primarily for people that need the canoe lake lesson in order to participate in the Canoe Introductory Whitewater trip on Saturday April 13th.  If you would like to advance up the ratings in a canoe this is the first step.  After this canoe lesson, earning the next rating the R1 on moving water, you will be able to teach canoe lessons for the club, start the process to becoming a quietwater leader, and go on the cool Pine River trip the first weekend of May plus more.

Lake Mendota will not be ready for paddling season yet so weather and river conditions permitting we will paddle on Starkweather Creek on Madison's east side.  Meet me at memorial Union at 12:00 pm in the hallway near the entry door to the Mendota lounge and Outdoor Rental.  We will do the first part of the lesson by going over the equipment used in canoeing, checking out boats, and safety.  After this land part of the lesson we will gather up gear and possibly a canoe to put on my car and we'll take my car over to Carl's house to pick up Carl and another canoe.  The water part of the trip will take place a short distance from Carl's house.  Here we will learn about the canoe strokes and and practice on the water.

We do not plan on getting wet but bring a sack with extra clothes, shoes, socks, winter gear just in case.

Wear layers, clothing to keep you warm, and do wear your winter outerware (mittens, hats, etc.)

Bring water and snacks

After the water part we will conclude our lesson in revearse order returning gear to Carl's then back to the union to put things away.

If any current R1 paddlers would like to help let me know



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Lesson / Training


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