River rescue techniques, Kayak and Canoe

Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Leader: Tadhg Barrett

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River rescue techniques are very important skill, that you need to keep practicing so when something happens on the river you do not have to waste time thinking about how to do it. This class will show you the basic techniques to be aware of and where/when to use them. The first part of the class will focus on the techniques and princpals of avoiding ending up in certain situations (preventative techniques).

The second part will be more practical and hands on with practice of the how to use ropes and other safety equipment to carry out a rescue.  This will mean finding a open space or along the lake shore path for more challenging throwing practice.

The club has most of the equipment, but if you have your own throwbags, karabiners and slings/prussiz loops, please feel free to bring them along. It is better to practice with your own equipment to build up that familiarity with it. If everyone brings their own equipment we all get a chance to practice with a range of equipment. This mean we can see how different equipment works and the pro's and con's.

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