Saturday Dec 22 - Sierra Club Kayak Pool Session - Hoofers are Welcome!

Saturday, Dec 22, 2018 (11:30 am - 3:45 pm)

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Leader: Michael Hammer

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Saturday December 22, 2018 - Sierra Club Kayak Pool Session - Hoofers are Welcome!

Here is yet another confirmed opportunity to share that festive holiday spirit while kayaking/swimming in 82.5 degree water.

We have confirmation from MATC, I will attend the Saturday December 22 Sierra Club pool session. (Ideally, there may be another member or two who would be willing to lead. If so, please contact me.) Details are below. (This is hosted by the Sierra Club River Touring Section and is located at the MATC swimming pool.) I won't be organizing club boats or gear. However, if folks want to meet up there, I may bring a few of my personal boats to help coach you. Mainly, this is another great opportunity to paddle in the 82.5 degree water.

If you are certain you would attendplease sign up. (The cost is $10 for each person. I will provide instructions for paying to those who commit to attend.)

The Dec 22 Sierra Club pool session at MATC is from 1-3 pm at the MATC swimming pool. The address is 1701 Wright St, Madison, WI 53704. This is about a 15-20 minute drive from the UW Memorial Union.

Any size boat is fine. There are several people that bring their sea kayaks. There are showers with warm water for you to use before and after the pool session. It's a big pool and there always seems to be plenty of room.

Of course, the boat needs to be clean inside and out.

If you choose to bring a personal boat, please complete the following cleaning steps before you arrive at the pool.


Boats must be pristine and clean *before* arriving at the pool.
(a) Vacuum out any and all dirt, sand, and debris.
(b) Wash out/off any remaining dirt, sand, and debris.
(c) Rinse inside and out with 10% bleach water solution.
(d) Rinse with water again.



Bring cash for food/snacks and bring your swim wear, towel, dry/warm change of clothes, and extra cash for food and driver.

I hope to see you there!


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