Email Lists

ClubName Description
HoofersActive Hoofer UsersEmail all active Hoofer members. Reserved for the President of Hoofers only!
HoofersFree Night 2014 BusEmail list for SnS Free Night 2014 Bus participants
HoofersGovernanceSign up here to receive copies of Hoofer Council agendas and minutes
HoofersHoofer LeadersAll Hoofer leaders (everyone in the system with an elevated permission group)
HoofersHoofer Team LeadersFor Hoofer Team Leaders
HoofersMountaineering Active MembersActive members of the mountaineering club
HoofersPresidentPresidents List
HoofersSpam TestTest to see if message delivered
HoofersTerrace YogaOutdoor UW patrons who have participated in a SUP Yoga or Terrace Yoga class
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